Awarding of the winners of student works of MSTU GA

February 9, 2022, Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2


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Awarding of the winners of the competition: "Research works of students and young scientists of educational institutions of civil aviation"

Organizers: RX and MGTU GA

Date and place:

February 9, 2022, Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2, Airport Hall

Access to the event is free

The Federal Air Transport Agency is holding a Competition of research papers of students and young scientists of educational institutions of civil aviation (UZ GA Competition).

The UZ GA competition is held in order to attract young people to carry out fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific research on current and promising areas of modern science and technology in the field of civil aviation.

Citizens of Russia from among: students, cadets, masters studying in the main educational programs of higher and secondary vocational education in educational institutions of civil aviation; postgraduates, doctoral students of the UZ GA can take part in the UZ GA Competition.

The age of applicants should not exceed 35 years at the time of submitting an application for the UZ GA Competition.

To participate in the UZ GA Competition, research papers written individually or co-authored (no more than 3 co-authors, scientific supervisors are not included in the number of co-authors of the work) that meet the following requirements: the results of research work should be the results of scientific or applied significance for civil aviation.


Nominations of the UZ GA Competition of the Federal Air Transport Agency in 2021

  • Flight operation of aircraft.
  • Technical operation of aircraft and engines.
  • Air navigation and air traffic control.
  • Operation of airports and ground support of aircraft flights.
  • Organization of transportation and technology of transport processes.
  • Flight safety and technosphere safety.
  • Economy.

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