Dear Exhibitors! 

We try our best to make your participation in IPLS convenient and comfortable. We have gathered here the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2, Hall 7

Show days:

February 9 (Tue):    10:00 - 18:00

February 10 (Wed): 10:00 - 17:00

Before the Show

You can find details about the show, exhibitors and sections, as well as special ones, on the About page.

Exhibiting is a great opportunity to manage a wide range of current issues to reach for your company’s business goals. In just in a few days of the show you will find new partners, expand your client data base and strengthen your brand’s position on the market (or enter it), get your future customers’ and partners' direct contacts, showcase new products, services and technologies to your target audience, increase brand awareness among professionals etc. Get more information about the benefits on the Exhibit page.

On the Exhibit page you can find information about the cost and conditions,  floor plan, all the information and documents for stand booking. In case you already chose the stand, please, fill in the application form and send it to our team. We will contact you to confirm the information, and will also explain you the full process for document and payment flows. After confirming the conditions, your manager will send you a contract for the alignment followed by the invoice. At any stage you can rely on our assistance.


To book a stand at the show, please visit the Booking page. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Colour codes on the floor plan are about the pricing policy - different colours reflect the corresponding price groups. You can request the current plan of the exhibition with stands available for booking from our project managers.

The cost of exhibiting depends on the type of stand, its location, and contrustion type of your future stand. We can help you to choose the most suitable format according to your goals and budget. Since you determine the location of your future stand according to the transparent pricing scheme, we believe that exhibiting is available for companies with any budget. You can find detailed information in the Booking section on the Exhibit page.

The deadline for sending the exhibitor application form as a rule is one month prior to the show. By this time there are just a few stands available, so make sure to book your stand in advance. We highly recommend you to book your stand beforehand in order to choose the most favorable location. Also please note that stand booking for the next show's edition opens onsite of the current one (one year before the show).

The prime document for joining the show as exhibitor is contract. To get it, please, fill in the application form and contact the Organiser.

Based on the contract, the Organiser will send you an invoice. Payment is made in several stages in accordance with the terms of the contract in advance - deadlines are transparently indicated in the contract.

Registration fee is mandatory for all exhibitors. It includes a list of options, such as company listing in the printed and / or online catalogue, placing  products / services / technologies in the online catalogue, a copy of the printed catalogue's version, badges for access for on-stand employees, visitor invitations, posting news on the exhibition website, conducting a marketing campaign through target audience.

There are four types of stands: linear (one open side), angular (two open sides), peninsula (three open sides), island (open from all sides). It's obvious - the more open sides the higher onsite visibility and the easier access of visitors to your stand.

Shell scheme (standard equipped exhibition area), i.e. the stand is equipped with the base set of equipment (wall panels, carpet, lamps, table, chairs, fascia panel, etc.) to exhiibit at the lowest cost (equipment set is indicated in the exhibitor application form - it is available during Booking a stand).

Raw space (unequipped exhibition space) is for companies that prefer exclusive construction of the stand, or small companies with their own mobile stands. Neither walls, nor carpet, nor furniture is included in the price of raw space. In case you prefer to build the stand, it is necessary to pass accreditation with the general constructor and order electricity from the Organiser. In case of exclusive construction, all necessary equipment is ordered from the general constructor of the show. When choosing a constructor, be sure to pay attention to his accreditation in the exhibition complex where the show runs as well as his experience in this complex, as it is a great advantage.

You can find the details on the scell scheme options in the exhibitor application form on the Booking page. For more information, please contact our Technical manager.

Yes, you can also book ‚ÄúSuperior Standard‚ÄĚ construction. It's your opportunity to customize your stand. Ordering this construction with us will reduce your costs compared to making individual (exclusive) stand project.

You need to order electricity and cleaning for your stand  along with other telecommunication and domestic services that you may need (water supply, Internet connection), as well as additional staff (translators or promoters). You can find a list of options and a detailed description in the Participant's Guide.

Visitors of the show are representatives of specialised industry companies. Detailed information about visitors' profiles can be found in the presentation of the exhibition.


The Organiser will provide you with the link to exhibitors’ online registration. Please use this link to register all staff of your stand (both permanent employees and temporary personnel). After the registration you will get participants’ badges. Please note that registration is mandatory to use Reed Click services.

Badges are provided at the rate of 1 badge per 3 sq.m. stand.

For additional badges, please contact the Organiser.

Detailed information on inbound and outbound at the exhibition is available in the Participant's Guide, which can be found in the Download Center.

If your company has not participated in the exhibition before, you can use the Program for new exhibitors. More than that, advertising opportunities of the show can help you to increase the efficiency from participation. We recommend you to choose package offers - the purchase of options included in a package is more beneficial compared to ordering same options separately. More information can be found in the Stand Booking section.


To obtain the highest possible results at the exhibition, we recommend you to go beyond just booking a stand. The foundation for successful participation is based on the pre-exhibition comprehensive advertising campaign, which may include numerous marketing communications tools. It will help you to attract visitors to your stand, strengthen your position on the market and increase brand awareness. The list of advertising options is available in the Marketing Guide, which can be found on the Exhibit page.


Exhibition catalogue is an annual analytical publication on the contract manufacturing and private label market, which contains articles and interviews with industry experts, research on customer preferences, practical tips for private label managers, contacts of manufacturing companies, product novelties. Distributed in the exhibitor’s package. The online version of the catalogue is published few months before the event and available on the website for about six months afterwards. It includes detailed information about all participants of the upcoming exhibition with their contacts. Find out more on the Online Services page.

The online catalogue gives you opportunity to tell visitors about the company long before the show. You can add description of your company, address, products and services list. Besides, filling in the online catalogue will allow you to be included in the lists of recommendations for visitors, so that you can start communicating with your future customers prior to the exhibition and increase the flow of audience to your stand during the show. In addition, those companies that fill out information about themselves will receive personalised recommendations displayed on the pages of exhibitors. 

Company’s information for the exhibition catalogue must be filled in in your personal account on the exhibition website beforehand. You will receive individual link few months before the event in order to have enough time to engage a specialised project audience on your company’s page - and convert them into customers onsite.


During the registration, each visitor fills out the registration form, where he marks the most interesting company profiles fro him. Further, artificial intelligence creates a list of personal recommendations based on the match between visitor interests and the existing exhibitors` profiles in the online catalogue. Visitors receive recommendations twice before the event and once afterwards, which allows them to create their onsite schedule in advance and find companies that they were not able to meet after the event. Participants of the exhibition can exclusively enter the list by filling in their profiles in the online catalogue. Joining this list on commercial basis is not possible. You can learn more about the tool on the Online Services.

Exhibitor has the opportunity to hold an even at his stand or rent conference room. If you would like to include your event in the business program of the exhibition, please contact us.

You can pick up invitations in advance in the Organiser office or during the build-up (this is the day before the opening of the show) at the Crocus Expo reception desk.

This is not true. Each year more than half of the IPLS audience attends the event for the first time. The organiser annually conducts marketing campaigns to expand the visitor base and attract new categories of visitors to IPLS.

Thus, participation in the exhibition allows you to meet with already existing cleints, as well as to find new customers.

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You can also get detailed information about accommodations in Moscow during the show from our partner Booking.com - this information is available with a single click on the Exhibitor page.

We strongly recommend you to participate in the inter-season business brunch for the participants on how to properly prepare for the event and increase the effectiveness of participation. For detailed information about the place and time, please contact us. We also advise you to use IPLS banners on your website and in newsletters  to inform your customers that your company will participate in the exhibition and invite them to your stand. Additional information and downloads can be found in the Exhibition Materials section.

During the Show

During build-up security is responsible for the exposition safety only at night (from 20:00 to 8:00). In the daytime, security is only accountable for the perimeter of the exposition (i.e. does not allow the exhibits outbound without the permission of the Organiser). It is not recommended  to leave valuables on stands unattended in the daytime as it is the exhibitors` responsibility for their storage.

Exhibitors have access to the Exhibition Hall from 8:00 to 19:00.

For you convenience, as well as for the prompt solution of any issues during the show, our staff is constantly in the pavilion at the Organiser’s office, which works daily including the build-up from 8:00 to 19:00.

No, participants must be present at the stands until 17:00 of the last day of the show. Outbound is restricted till then.

Yes, you can pay for attendance in the business program during the show days. However, in order to arrange your time in advance and avoid queues on-site, we recommend you to pay beforehand.

You can get closing documents during show days in the Organiser’s office.

Documents can be printed at the "Service Center" (location can be specified on the big plan in the foyer or in the show guide). This service is paid.

Yes, free wi-fi is available in the Reed Click lounge area. Besides there, you can charge your phone / tablet and get advice on using the Reed Click service.

Yes, there are ATMs in the Pavilion 1, their location can be specified on the Crocus Expo website or on the exhibition floor plan. ATMs are also located in Vegas mall, which is a 5-minute walk from the exhibition pavilion.

There is conveniently located large food court and cafeteria on the Level 2 of the Pavilion 2.

WCs are located both inside each exhibition hall (near the entrance) and on the territory of the food court (Level 2).

At all stages of working with Reed Click app you will see tips which will help you to learn about the options available to you. Just go step by step and enjoy a convenient search for solutions. Detailed information about the application is available on the Online Services page. During the exhibition, your staff members can scan visitors’ information in order to gain access to their names, positions and companies. After IPLS, you will receive a report with statistics about the audience who visited your stand.

By the way, statistics about the stand personnel and promoters work at the exhibition is also available. It can help to evaluate the effectiveness of employees.

Yes, you can order equipment during show days in the Organiser’s office.

Yes. During show days vehicle access for the delivery is allowed strictly from 8:00 to 9:30 and  from 18:00 to 19:00 according to the Letter of inbound / outbound with the Organiser's visa.

The cloakroom is located on the first floor of the Crocus Expo pavilions.

You can get the keys to display cases and store rooms during the build-up, as well as on show days from 9:00 to 18:00 in the Organiser’s office.

In case of emergencies you can contact Technical Manager in the Organiser’s office. 

After the Show

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with visitors’ contact information in accordance with the law on personal data. However, after the show you can send advertisements to selected groups of visitors of your stand through the Reed Click service.

Exhibition photos will be published on the Facebook group


Information about visitors is available online, more than that, you will receive statistically processed data about visitors of your stand after the exhibition - it will be useful for you to analyze your audience and its interests, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of participation. Learn more about Reed Click in the Online Services section.

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