New military aerodrome in Kaliningrad Region can receive all types of military and also civilian planes

Russia has completed the construction of a new military aerodrome for the Baltic Fleet’s naval aviation in its westernmost Kaliningrad Region, the Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday. This reported by TASS.

"The facility’s readiness was inspected by Deputy Defense Minister of Russia Timur Ivanov during his working trip to the Western Military District," the statement says.

The new aerodrome is equipped with taxiways and parking areas for aircraft. The new airfield's concrete pavement can receive all types of military and also civilian planes while its runway allows several aircraft to take off at a time.

Work was completed at the airfield on Tuesday to equip it with a drainage system and install electricity supply, lighting and communications systems, the Defense Ministry said.

Over the past few years, Russia has carried out large-scale work to rebuild 17 military aerodromes. Work is underway to build all-weather airfields on the Island of Alexandra Land of the Franz Josef Land Archipelago and on Kotelny Island of the New Siberian Islands, the ministry said.

Russia’s top brass earlier made a decision to carry out large-scale reconstruction and repair of 106 aerodromes by 2028.