Mar 10, 2020

Two northern airports to have new terminals in 2021

New terminals will be built at airports in Dikson and Khatanga (Krasnoyarsk Region’s north) in 2021, the region’s Minister of Transport Konstantin Dimitrov told TASS on Thursday.

"Construction materials have been delivered for Khatanga - they are at a warehouse, from where in September they will be delivered to Khatanga, where the terminal’s construction is due next year," he said.

Another terminal will be built at the Dikson airport, he continued. The project in Khatanga will cost 100 million rubles ($1.5 million), and Dikson’s project will cost slightly less, he added.

A few investment projects in mining will be implemented near Dikson, the official said. Thus, the airport will serve more passengers. "In that situation, Antonov An-24 could make 3-4 flights from Dikson," the deputy governor said.

The Airports of Krasnoyarsk Region state-run company has been buying new aviation equipment and has been renovating runways in the region. "The northern airports have not seen such works, probably, since the 1980s," he added.

Khatanga’s airport is among biggest airports in the Arctic, which serves local routes. The airport in Dikson is a northernmost airport in the region.