Five airports in Krasnoyarsk Region to receive $10.5 million from federal budget

Five northern airports in the Krasnoyarsk Region, which earlier in April became the federal property, will receive 680 million rubles ($10.5 million), the region’s Minister of Transport Konstantin Dimitrov told a news conference on Thursday.

In April 2019, the airports Tura, Vanavara, Baikit, Khatanga and Yeniseisk, which used to be owned by the region, became the federal property. They are managed by the state-run Airports of Krasnoyarye (the Krasnoyarsk Region) Company. The region’s Governor Alexander Uss said earlier that when the airports become the federal property they will receive money to upgrade the runways and the terminals.

"The budget for this year is big - for those five airports the government allocates 680 million rubles, which will be used for managing the airports, for new equipment and upgrade of the runways," the regional minister said, adding a new terminal would be built in Khatanga within 2019.

The Dikson airport, will also receive 120 million rubles ($1.85 million) from the federal budget for the runway’s upgrade.