CUSTOM Technology helps people and Companies during these days of pandemy

Due to hygienic and protection reasons airport staff may wear gloves and it may be difficult peel-off standard bag tags; linerless bag tags facilitate the life

The widest printer range for ATI. Custom technology is totally RFID-Ready. All the products improve the printing speed with the best precision of the market and always with an eco saving approach through self-calibrating sensors and paper recovery not wasting any ticket. Last but not least the best TCO of the market.


10 good reasons for the success of Custom technology, the first totally RFID-Ready from 2016:

  • High printing volumes need strong and reliable hardware
  • Fast printing speed reduces time of check-in
  • Multi feeder for space reduction and differentiation of passengers’ classes
  • RFID for improving the luggage handling and tracking compliance with IATA RES 753
  • Self-calibrating sensors and paper recovery for not wasting any single ticket
  • Small size for increasing the space at the gate
  • Easy integration through native AEA
  • Same device for ATB and BTP (less stock for spares and more redundancy on the hardware since you can swap)
  • Same engine for desk and kiosk printers
  • Working on new solutions to improve the security controls

Parma, February 1st- Custom Group will expose at NAIS 2021 Exhibition in Moscow, Feb. 9-10th.  Custom main implementations are today in about 400 airports spread all over the world that have chosen our solutions for some reasons: they work better than the others, making the passenger experience more pleasant.  Some examples: JFK T7 in New York, Schiphol in Amsterdam, Rome, Verona, Turin, Venice, Milan Malpensa, Dublin, Edinburgh, Perth, London Gatwick and City, Madrid, Oslo, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and up to major Chinese airports, including Singapore Changi Airport, named for the fourth consecutive year as the best airport in the world according to Skytrax (Custom is in Changi airport with more than 1,800 printers).

After forced quarantine, penetration of Custom printers for boarding passes and bag-tags into Russian AERO market grows stronger. Nowadays one can meet Custom TK180 and TK202 printers not only in small separate airports, but also in the main country cities, including Moscow and Saint-Petersburg airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Pulkovo, airports in Vladivostok, Perm, Kursk, Almaty, Voronezh, Tashkent and even Belorussian Minsk. It is not a secret, that the main feature of Custom Group is products customization. Extremely this feature adds strength to Custom bag-tag and boarding pass printers and helps to win Russian AERO market. Flexible firmware of Custom printers supports any CUTE or CUSS system and any DCS. Due to this fact Custom printers for boarding passes and bag-tags have possibility to be represented in Aeroflot and S7 projects.

Returning to the problems caused by COVID-19 and lockdowns during the past year, it has sense to emphasize, that Custom desktop printer TK180 is perceived by airports as anti-crisis solution: mostly compact, highly reliable economy-class solution, in which nothing redundant is left. Additional advantage is the presence of Custom KPM180 printer based on the same hardware and technology as TK180, but intended for embedding into self-service kiosks. Self-service technology in general and in airports in particular is considered nowadays as anti-Covid solution, oriented to reduce contacts between people. Custom KPM180 completely corresponds to this trend and more often is met on the islands devoted to self-check-in.   

Success of Custom products at Russian Aero market is increased by the fact of mutually beneficial cooperation with Desko Gmbh company, which produces professional solutions for documents authentication, avowed all over the world.

The engineers, guided by Alberto Campanini, Custom co-founder together with Carlo Stradi, introduced some innovations that made the difference both for customers and for passengers (that nowadays can complete the check-in in different ways: at self service kiosks, at self bag drop, at the desk).  Among the functions offered by Custom: all the products are RFID-Ready;  the “blind loading”, which means that the paper can be loaded so easily that the user can do it in a glance without looking at the printer; the “multi feeding”, the chance to put in the printer three kinds of tickets at the same time, so that the user has not to change the paper if at the desk arrives a passenger belonging to economy or first class (some companies use different kind of paper according to the issued boarding pass); the direct printing of RFID on the baggage tags, that allows to trace the suitcases during their whole path, reducing to the minimum the risk of loss or delay of the delivery, including security too.

One of the devices of biggest interest, specially during these days of pandemy, is TK180, the first desktop printer to support both RFID and LINERLESS.       Due to hygienic and protection reasons airport staff may wear gloves and it may be difficult peel-off standard bag tags; linerless bag tags facilitate the operations for all those customers who still prefer to use the traditional counters.     TK180 is an environment friendly product, with no paper waste at the autoload, and now the linerless version is even more eco-responsible: since it has no backing paper, it produces less waste when printed.    

Extremely compact and reliable, full metal robust casing, high speed and special autocutter with cut/hold feature.


  • Complete passport scanner with optical scanner for MRZ and RFID passport reader
  • Built-in security algorithm
  • Open source demo software available for third part developers
  • Extended battery life allows for complete shift without charging
  • 2D barcode reader with auto-focus and tracking
  • Voice-to-Text
  • Rugged and designed for outdoor use with IP-64 rating
  • Includes open source app for developers to integrate into user's database
  • Easy-to-use dedicated scan button
  • Geolocation
  • Integrated speaker for instant messages
  • Easy to use - simply insert passport for fast and reliable processing

Among its wide range of devices, Custom proposes P-Ranger rugged full touch handheld computer, that got great interest on the market or the rugged terminal K-Ranger,  with standard-range reading and extra long-range available both in brick and gun versions, Wi-Fi and UMTS/LTE connections; in addition to label printers, really compact, for table, suitable for every configuration thanks to multiple connection ports, multifunction key and LED light to work comfortably.